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As the advanced economies start to rise from the past financial crisis Project Investment and Infrastructure Investment will pay an important part in getting economies moving back to progress forward again.

As quantative easing comes to an end in some countries and stands on the sidelines in Europe the serious and necessary decision of starting projects and getting people back to work starts.

Raising finance and getting projects to the start point and then to completion is not only time consuming but starts some time before the project is created to start,as we all know.

It therefore follows that projects that will start soon to employ people have been created many months or years before.

It is therefore necessary that sustainable projects of the future be started now to allow us to keep the economy moving forward in employment and positive cash flow.

The talk developing in the U.K. is for new infrastructure projects to be started or brought forward.This type of thinking is growing fast as it is necessary to make access to the northern cities of the U.K. easier.This will only encourage growth and movement.

Apart from the growth of the economy ,training in new projects will grow new expertise for us to sell abroad  as activity breeds activity and as we know the third world and developing countries need our expertise along with their own to progress and develope into the next stage of as near to a stable world as we can make it.

BUILDING LIVING ACCOMODATION above public building such as hospitals.

There is a thought being developed in the U.K. that building rented accomodation above some schools and hospitals would not only free up necessary space for living but woulld enable those that worked in the specific industries (for example ) young trainee teachers and nurses, to live close to where they work.

This we think is a very good idea  but it does need progressive planning with regards to any job change or parking facilities that are required.

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From the latest reports from France and Germany ,investment by the countries direct into their economy by investing in necessary infrastructure they are beginning to turn the tide with deflation.

There is a lot of pressure being exerted in Europe to bring real money foward to get the economies going again.It does sometimes make you wonder why delays are being implimented.Is it because of forthcoming elections.Is it so announcements could be made all together.

It does not justify playing with peoples lives and jobs for political reasons how things have to change.

Will scrutiny eventually transfer from the banking system to politics .When people have to really justify why things are delayed will they change their decisions first.

It just shows that necessary investment is important with regards to employment,projects and infrastructure.

How long before we,  in the U.K. , pull it together to start investment in our deteriorating infrastructure ? Not long I hope.



Recent reports coming from America are that although they have a very good infrastructure investing in upgrading that infrastructure and investing in new modes of transport is the best way ahead rather than investing in massive infrastructure development at the moment.Either way will improve employment prospects.

http://www.eib.org/projects/index.htm       European Investment bank . 



European Long Term Investment Fund.

This will become operational approximately in December 2015 has it vhas now passed all necessary legalities of the E.U.

Among investments eligable are Infrastructure and Social Housing within E.U. Countries.

The European Union has just announced an investment programme for infrastructure,telecommunications and railways  of approx 390 billion Euros for projects starting in 2015 .It will be operated by the European Investment Bank but differently to the original format and structure that was set up when project bonds was initiated approx 3 years ago. http://www.eltifs.co.uk/ 

Raising the specific finance for said projects could be originated by the issue of project or retail bonds  http://www.retailbonds.co.uk/   relative to the length of time required for repayment as project bonds are longer term and retail bonds are of a shorter period. a mixture of both in some circumstances are a great possibility.

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